Rectangular Expansion Joint

A Rectangular expansion joint is manufactured to individual sizes and functional requirements by combining standard corrugated elements and corner configurations with self developed fabricating methods to be used as duct expansion joints. Rectangular expansion joints are provided with either weld able duct ends or with fabricated angle flanges. These duct expansion joints are normally used in large size ducting with relatively low internal pressure.

'Flexibel' manufactures rectangular metallic expansion joints in different sizes and for service conditions ranging from vacuum to 10 bars, and temperatures of up to 900 ºC to absorb axial and lateral movements. Convolution heights range from 45 to 180 mm and compression movements from 15 to 30 mm per convolution in thicknesses from 0.8 to 6 mm. Material selection is determined by temperature and corrosion specifications. Depending on the application, we supply expansion joints with U-shaped or V-shaped profiles and three different corner configurations.

Three Corner Configurations

• Bevelled Corner

• Mitered Corner

• Rounded Corner