Axial Expansion Joint

Axial expansion joints are the simplest type of expansion joints. They are compact requiring virtually no additional space beyond the length of bellows and weld ends or flanges for installation. They have an advantage of not imposing a change in the direction of flow. Where small thermal movements are involved and where proper anchoring and guiding is possible single axial bellows provide the most economical solution.

The most common application for a single axial bellows expansion joints is to absorb axial movements of a straight pipe between main anchors. These single axial bellows are designed to compensate for axial displacements. An axial bellows expansion joint should be made to avoid lateral movements.


• Most economical type of Expansion Joint

• No change in for direction required

• Compact, requiring minimum space for installation

• Available in a single or universal design

• Economical construction

• Will not absorb pressure thrust unless tie rods are used

• Fuel Cell Power Systems